Pajamas for Men | Buy Cotton Pyjamas for Men Online at Bewakoof (2024)

Buy Pajamas for Men Online in India at Best Price.

Join the cool crowd with Bewakoof’s trending men’s pajamas! No matter the age, season, or trend, we’ve always got a perfect match waiting just for you. Our collection is continuously updated; you will find the comfiest funkiest men’s pajama pants in India all-round the year.

The Men’s Pajamas

Do you want to wake up looking like you just stepped out of a party? Then choose from our collection of pajamas for men because Bewakoof has made sleeping fashionable. We have warm men’s pyjama pants to wear during the winter, soft, breathable fabric for the summers, loungewear, etc.

Our collection also features printed pyjamas for men, the Bones pajamas, Dark Knight lounge pants, Guardians of the Galaxy pants, plain men’s pyjamas, bright colored designs, and every other design you can think of in the next two minutes!

Why Wear Pajamas?

Sleeping in boxers is fine, but what would you do if the weather were acting funny? Pyjamas offer better protection against sudden weather changes. Also, if you aren’t one to show much skin, then they are your go-to choice. What’s more? Industry experts say that temperature regulation is the key to a blissful sleeping routine. And if you sleep well, everything in your day goes well! So how do you choose what to wear?

Well, let’s ask the experts again!

According to Olivia Frances, Founder – Hamilton & Hare, one should look for a loose enough fit that allows for a good deal of movement, but tight enough to be fashionable. As far as fabrics are concerned, cotton, silk, and satin are the best options. For colder temperatures, you can choose jersey or flannel.

If you choose right, you can wear your pajamas all through the night and to breakfast, meaning, you should choose one that is comfy and loose-enough for free movement but at the same time is quite form-fitting. The versatility of the pajamas is a crucial element.

Different Pajama Styles

There are many different pajama styles out there – loungewear, traditional, modern, athleisure, luxury, etc. Traditionally, pyjama pants were made of cotton, were full length, and were plain. Stylish pyjama pants are made of different kinds of materials such as silk, a cotton blend, mixtures of different fabrics, etc. They also feature different colors and designs.

If you think pajamas are just for sleeping in and lounging at home, think again. Pajamas have taken over the street style trend and it is totally acceptable to wear pyjamas in public! But be careful, you don’t want people to think you just rolled out of bed. Style your bright pyjamas with crisp T-shirts to create a balance between style and comfort. Add a few statement accessories like sporty shoes and a stylish watch and make the streets your own personal runway. Want to upscale your pyjama bottoms even more? Tuck in your T-shirt and throw fancy denim or a bomber jacket on top and add some classy sunglasses and your look just went from drab to fab in no time. From bright solid colored pajamas to funky prints, we have a lot of different styles for you to experiment with. It is no wonder we are the most popular Indian brand for youngsters!

What Makes Bewakoof’s Pajamas Different?

You are most relaxed when you are sleeping, and at Bewakoof, we understand that. When we design our pajamas, we make sure that every aspect of the clothing promotes relaxation – hence the varied collection! The fabric, the texture, the color, whether it’s moisture absorbent, whether it’s trending, fan collections – you name it, Bewakoof has thought of it! That’s what makes our pajamas for men unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive most often.

  1. What kinds of designs does your collection currently have?

    We have colored stoner printed pyjamas for men, stone, paper planes, fan-collections such as Dark Knight, Marvel, Friends, etc., plain pajamas, checked, and many more! Our collection is continuously updated, staying true to industry trends, needs of the market, season, weather, fabrics, etc
    If you want a cool gift for your uncle or dad or want to flaunt your love for Captain Marvel or want to redo your complete loungewear wardrobe, we are the first choice!

  2. Can we customize our clothing?

    Unfortunately, we do not have the customization feature currently. However, our designers stay on top of current season’s styles while creating our products, and do not have a fraction of doubt in your mind, because you are shopping from the best!
  3. Does every product have different colors?

    Of course! We have quirky oranges, bright greens, the refreshing blue, dark grays, etc. Who says men’s pyjamas couldn’t be edgy, trendy, and sexy? Check them out now!

  4. Designs are great; how about comfort?

    Comfort is the element we focus on the most while creating our collection. Different kinds of fabrics give different types of comfort, different stitching styles, closure, etc. Our collection features men’s pyjamas with elasticized waistbands, drawstring men’s pajama pants, joggers with cotton poplin material, etc. We pay attention to all aspects while designing; you can never go wrong with Bewakoof!

  5. Will I be able to wear my pajama pants all year round?

    The cotton poplin fabric we use is adaptable to any season. Cotton poplin is a moisture-absorbent, soft, dense, airy material that is durable and can be used all year round. These styles are made just for you!

  6. Why should I choose Bewakoof?
    Simple. We have everything you can ask for! Different styles for different occasions that are trendy and, most importantly, very affordable! Not just for men’s pyjama pants, you can create your entire wardrobe collection with Bewakoof.


Are you wondering how you would ever be able to choose? We have some tips! What are you buying these for – to just lounge in front of the TV, be worn all day, but only at home, or to wear in the night? Do you want bright colors that steal the show at your next boys night out or subtle colors that help you relax at the end of a long day? Once you have these answers, you will find the perfect match!

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Pajamas for Men | Buy Cotton Pyjamas for Men Online at Bewakoof (2024)


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