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Eye bag Removal

Excess skin under your eyes that look like bags can make you look aged and tired at all times. We have an excellent treatment for eye bag removal at our Manchester Clinic. It is called blepharoplasty. This can treat your upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both. The procedure surgically removes the excess skin from your eye bags, enhancing the appearance of your eyes and making you look younger, fresher and attractive. We have a team of experts in place who make use of sophisticated equipment to remove your eye bags without causing any side effects or complications.Eyebag-Removal-P02
Explaining Our Eye Bag Liposuction Procedure in Manchester

First thing that our doctors at Manchester Clinic will do before starting the eye bag removal or blepharoplasty procedure is to assess your eyesight and also your capacity to generate tears. Then a sedative and a local anesthetic are used to make sure you don’t feel any discomfort or pain during the procedure. Tiny incisions are made into the skin of your eyelid. The excess skin is removed through these incisions and the incisions are closed through fine sutures. In about three months all these fine lines will fade away, without leaving any identifiable marks.


At Nu Cosmetic Clinic, we strive towards improving your appearance by offering various cosmetic treatments and procedures. Therefore, we aptly say: we create a new you. We have treatments that can transform you from top to bottom, enabling you to face the challenges that life throws at you with a renewed level of confidence. You can just walk in to our Manchester Clinic, which is located at the Manchester suburbs, and discuss with our experts, the various treatment options available, to transform your appearance.


All the research that we do, to come up with the perfect treatments is only keeping one thing in mind: your appearance. At our Manchester Clinic, we have helped many clients transform their appearance by carrying out different cosmetic procedures such as eye bag removal. This has helped us achieve 100% success ratings both online as well as offline. We keep working on revising our structure and modus operandi to make sure we provide the same quality of services at all our locations.


If you have gone through our testimonial page, you may have gone through a few reviews that are written by our clients regarding the eye bag removal treatments they have undergone at our Manchester clinic. These reviews have brought us a lot of positive response, not only from UK, but also from the other parts of the world. We understand that it is quality and only quality of our services that has brought us success and we strive and will keep striving to improve the same at all times.


We have a specialized team in our Manchester Clinic including Mr. Shivram Singh, Mr. Gabriele Borghini and Mr. Giuseppe Pedone, who have all the expertise and experience in carrying out different kinds of cosmetic procedures. They put in all the efforts to offer effective treatments in a comfortable and a pain-free way to our clients. They take all the precautions necessary to avoid any kind of side effects or complications. The dedicated services of these team members have helped us make an excellent name for cosmetic treatments in Manchester.


Our Clinic at Manchester is called Bridgewater Hospital Clinic and it is situated at the center of Moss Side, Manchester. Our address is: Bridgewater Hospital, 120 Princess Road, Manchester, M15 5AT and it is very easy to locate. If you face any problems in locating our clinic you can give us a call and our friendly staff members will guide you appropriately. You can drop in at your convenience for a consultation session or a detailed check-up. However, it is always better to fix up an appointment before doing so.


The work timings at our Manchester Clinic are 9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday. However, most of the times, we end up working late evenings and even on weekends. You can give us a call and drop in at any time. We offer free parking facilities at our location if you drop in to your clinic any day from Monday to Friday. If you wish to visit our clinic at frequent intervals, we can facilitate such a possibility in order to meet your expectations completely.


All our cosmetic procedures are priced at affordable rates for your convenience. To make it more cost-effective, we offer comprehensive packages that include consultation fees, surgery fees, hospital charges, after-care and follow-up appointments. You can give us a call on our customer care number 0800 0 30 29 30 at any time. We would be glad to answer your queries at any time. Do keep in touch with us to know about our special offers as and when they come into force.

Eye bag Removal Procedure in Manchester | Nu Cosmetic Clinic (2024)


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